Why Websites?

Well. It’s a good question, and perhaps this is a good place to write a blog about it – although of course, slightly biased! Yes – good to admit. But it’s true, many people today favour using social media pages instead of a dedicated website. What’s not to like? – after all, they’re free, easy to set up, and connected to your marketplace already. But, in a way, that’s just it. They offer, and encourage very little creativity. Everybody knows that they are free and, well they are just too NORMAL.

We strike a happy medium here – beautifully designed, responsive websites which can be tailored to the owner. From there, you can sell what you like, promote yourself or your brand in a way you like, and STILL link back to social media platforms, all from one place. They are a point of contact, an online service and when well organised can be the centre of all you have to offer and your true identity.

Having something professionally designed, maintained and easily kept up to date by yourself can be a joy to create, develop and use! Put the FUN in FUNctional. In this way, we can help keep the internet beautiful, – because, let’s face it, it’s here to stay!

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